Financial Partners Group Limited

In 2002, the Financial Partners Group was created through the merger of its operations in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and The U.A.E.
It?s Board and management team built economies of scale, centralised compliance, sophisticated asset management,  a common work culture and a comprehensive infrastructure to become recognised as the leading offshore independent financial advisory brand.

In the wake of the Lehman's collapse, Financial Partners Group suffered like the wealth management industry in general. New investments fell at the same time as the need  to provide a higher level of service to existing clients increased. This created a recognition that whilst many structural tasks could be managed centrally; service needed to be managed locally and near to clients. The Financial Partners Group?s reaction to this aspect of "the global financial crisis" was to convert a centralised business into a Network called The FP Global Affiliation, which reduced costs and increased service levels locally

Financial Partners Group- as a Network

The centralised administration and finance business that had been built stood up to the highest level of reporting and efficiency in the offshore wealth management business. The new Network was built around this "efficiency hub".

The Financial Partners Group "Devolution" took place in October 2009, and the key features of this Devolution included, but were not limited to:

  • The sharing of an "asset management" service for the compilation of data, asset allocation, Terms of Business management and use of economies of scale with structure/product providers.
  • The sharing of accounting services
  • The sharing of back office administration
  • Each member of The Network now owns their own business. This meant that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) were set up between the individual Network members and FP Global Affiliation.

The FP Global Affiliation - Members:

As at 2011, the members of the  FP Affiliation are:

  • Hong Kong...Financial Partners Limited
  • Indonesia..... Imperium Capital Limited
  • Malaysia...... Imperium Capital Limited
  • The UAE...... Mondial (Dubai) LLC.

The contact points for the efficiency hub and for the individual members can be found by logging onto the buttons below.....